Manual The Sanatorium under the Sign of the Hourglass (Writers from the Other Europe)

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Writers from the other Europe: Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass, A Tomb for Boris Davidovich, Laughable Loves, This Way for the Gas Ladies and.
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To that end: Please attend to each other. Please be intellectually curious, be vocal, be invested, be courageous. Please come to class on time: your punctuality is as importance as your attendance. Please do not bring food or drink into the classroom or go in and out of the classroom while we are in session, unless physiologically compelled. Please try not to look consternated or bored.

Please consider your speaking role as dialogic: addressing others but also prompting, catalyzing, opening a space for their interventions. Laptops are permitted as word-processors but no please, indiscriminate surfing, no social networking or any business unrelated to our class.

Mobile phones should be demobilized, and all other electronic devices pocketed. To be spoken to is to be placed under an obligation, an initial respect.

Bruno Schulz

I endorse these principles wholeheartedly, and encourage you to do the same. The scene of teaching is the scene of colloquy, of exchange, of call-and- response. No less so is the reading you practice: every sustained act of written expression necessarily elicits, provokes, calls upon a response. By extension, each student should come prepared to talk back to text by talking with each other and me about it. This forum will serve as both an opportunity to think through aloud what you are reading and thus, a kind of journal , and also a preliminary script, a dry-run, for classroom discussion.

Your comment should be heuristic not evaluative, just as the forum is designed for analysis not opinion. You will be assigned Letter Grades in this class. While that metric is not quantifiably exact, I grade holistically and, I believe, reliably. At any rate, they are assigned deliberatively, with care and expertise. They are, however, non-negotiable see under: this is not a shuk.

I will always make myself available to discuss the content and execution of your assignments. If you wish to go over your paper or exam with me, the composing process behind it only the product will be visible to me, obviously , and how it may be improved, take a day to re-read it together with my comments, then please arrange a specific appointment.

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Grade inflation notwithstanding, an "A" will always signify something truly distinctive and first- rate. Keeping up with the reading, executing assignments on time, completing the work: this is the bare minimum. By all means, bring your enthusiasm. It is a long strip of dark lines and many colors. Such enthusiasm is one object of all teaching in poetry. Your ownership of this course follows from your investment in its possibilities, in the critical and imaginative gains it will yield.

In a word, citizenship becomes a matter of faith. My office hours on the Stern campus this semester will immediately follow class. This is time reserved for you. I will always respond to your emails, though not necessarily within twenty-four hours.

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By registering in this course, you are promising to abide by all the requirements stated in this policy. Students in breach of it are liable to penalty, including disciplinary action beyond automatic course failure. Ignorance of what plagiarism involves will not be accepted as an excuse.

It is your responsibility to recognize the difference between statements that do require documentation and those that do not.

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The only acceptable writing help is from the Writing Center. Less obvious forms of plagiarism include 1.


Without of course presuming to legislate, I solicit you to want to express yourself and care about the words you choose and the sentences you shape. Literary criticism—which includes your own contributions—is an essential part of literary experience. It begins at the sentence level: an underline, a circled word, the hand- and footprints of a reading that engages the material surface of a text. In addition to your weekly postings on Angel, you will submit a 2-page close reading on February 12th, and write two papers—5pp, due March 10th, pp due on the scheduled final exam date, May 19th , both dates non-negotiable.

A take-home final is also due on January 3rd.


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Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass - PDF Free Download

Ashby-de-la-Zouch : InkerMen, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Benjamin, Laura A. Brandt, Hannes. Brown, Russell E. Buszewicz, Maciej. Bruno Schulz. Bosz Publishing, Coetzee, J. New York: Penguin, , Crickmar, Marta.

Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass

De Bruyn, Dieter and Kris van Heuckelom, eds. Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi, Picador, Kuprel, Diana. Maszewski, Zbigniew. Volume 2, Issue 2, — University of Wisconsin Press, Powers, Denise V. Bruno Schulz: New Documents and Interpretations.


New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Prokop-Janiec, Eugenia. Syracuse, N. Fall Russell, James. Stala, Krzysztof. Stockholm, Binding is tight and text is clean. Used book in good condition. Has wear to the cover and pages. Contains some markings such as highlighting and writing. Ex-library with the usual stamps.

First edition. Translated from the Polish by Celina Wieniewska. With 30 illustrations by the author. Close to fine and bright illustrated stiff wraps with strong spine and crisp text throughout.